SmoqTruq offers three levels of catering service

1.    Pick-up:   You come to the restaurant and pick up the food that you previously ordered. Keep in mind this is a food truck, not a stand-alone restaurant, so we may not have large portions immediately available.

2.    Delivery:  We will deliver to you within the parameters listed below.

3.    Full Truck Service: You reserve the truck, and we come and serve out of the truck. A non-refundable save-the-date reservation fee is required. $500 minimum outside of the reservation fee. We do not serve over 2 hrs unless the venue is serving 200 people or more.

Contact us with dates, size of party, and I will get right back to you. Email is best at, or give us a phone call. 574-383-9980.

General Information

Please ensure you can hold the food at food-safe temperatures. Hot food needs to be held above 140 degrees F. or higher and cold food needs to be held at 40 degrees F. or lower. Generally speaking, if we serve it to you hot, we expect you will keep it hot until served. If it is given to you cold we expect it to be served cold or reheated to greater than 165 degrees F before service.

If you require equipment to keep food warm, you can pick up disposable chafers or similar equipment from a store (we can direct you) or we can supply for a 20% surcharge of our cost.

*TABLES, CHAIRS, TENTS, EQUIPMENT: We can supply anything you need but it is less expensive if you rent it yourself. If you need us to arrange tents, tables, chairs, linens, fine china, silverware, glassware, decorations and the like, we will use a rental company and charge you a 20% surcharge for taking responsibility for and supervising delivery and set-up of the rental items.

**For any catering, 1/2 of the money is due at time of placing order, and the remainder is due upon receipt. No refunds will be given within 7 days. Generally speaking, within 7 days, the final guest count can go up, not down.


Q: Is there a minimum number of guests we require in order to provide full service, on-site catering?
A: No, but the catering minimum will far exceed what you want to pay. We are known for our artisanally crafted and slow smoked barbecue. We will not put out average, mass produced, cheap, out-of-the-can food in order to cut down costs.

Q: Can you accommodate special dietary requests or prepare special dishes not on your menu?
A: Please keep in mind this is a BBQ truck and was designed around slow cooked artisanal meat. We have done vegetarian options including smoked Portobello mushroom sandwiches, black bean BBQ nachos, and can take the bacon out of our BBQ beans, etc. That being said, we aren’t likely to satisfy a true vegan offering.
Also, we can remove pork from the menu to make it more accessible to some, but everything is smoked on the same smoker at one time or another. Feel free to ask, we will work with you as we can.