Mobile Artisanal Crafted BBQ


SmoqTruq and Lucille


Crafting destination BBQ, dreaming in smoke, and having just a little bit of fun along the way.


Crafted through long hours and sleepless nights, SmoqTruq's BBQ has its roots on the bluffs of Old Man River, the mighty MIssissippi in Memphis, TN. With a firm belief that good BBQ is made only of meat, smoke, and time, every bite should be as if you are at a backyard barbecue at your friend's house.

It all started with a smoker in a box from a local Memphis hardware store in 2003 on a newly built backyard deck. With the addition of the second smoker custom manufactured in Texas (after the first one fell apart from 10 years of use!), a friend and I decided to name our new family member Lucille 2.  As the Blue's Legend B.B. King named his guitar "Lucille", I figured it was good enough for me. Now, you can come meet Lucille 3, a Cookshack wood pellet smoker, onboard SmoqTruq.  With the intense joy I get from smelling the meaty smoke in the air, it became my mission to smoke the meat where you buy it.

Briskets and shoulders smoke in a hickory/oak blend slowly for 12-15 hours, and melt away. Chicken is soaked in my special Southern Sweet Tea Brine before hot smoking. Ribs, yep, got them too!  With the tradition of meat, smoke, and time, I don't sauce my meats while cooking.  This meat REALLY is good enough to eat without sauce, but even better when you add the right one.

As Mark Twain said, "Get your facts first, then you can distort them as you please." This means that even as I serve some of the best traditional BBQ, SmoqTruq will also occasionally feature more creative specials. 




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